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(336) 697-8169
Call Us Today!
(336) 697-8169

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Triad Industrial Services Inc.

5301 Burlington Rd
McLeansville, NC 27301

Phone: (336) 697-8169
Cell Phone: (336) 404-2813
Fax: (336) 697-0397
In Business Since 1980

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Triad Industrial Services do?
  • Inspect the operations and conditions of grease traps and inform restaurant owners of findings
  • Pump and clean restaurant grease traps
  • Pump commercial storage tanks
  • Install new grease traps
  • Jet sewer lines.
Why pump your grease trap?
  • To maintain that grease traps function properly.
  • To prevent costly back ups into floor and sink drains.
  • To prevent the clogging of city sewer lines.
  • To ensure that foul odors do not leak into your restaurant and hinder operations.
  • To comply with new state FOG regulations.
How often should you pump your grease trap?
  • Pumping requirements depend on waste criteria.
  • Each individual restaurant requires different pump schedules depending on tank capacity and the amount of business it has per day.
  • Routine pump schedules ensure that back ups are avoided.
  • Regular pumping ensures avoidance of city and state fines, which are enforced by the FOG regulations.
  • If grease trap is not serviced properly or frequently enough, costly clean outs and city sewer fines can occur, resulting in down time for businesses.
Where does Triad Industrial Services provide its services?
  • Guilford County
  • Alamance County
  • Rockingham County
  • Randolph County
  • Forsyth and surrounding Counties
For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.